Carpentry for everyone


With simple words, we are carpenters.

But there is a lot more behind that:


We are professionals with decades of experience, inherited knowledge and passion from our families. 


We believe in quality and also in eclecticism. We have the skills to produce in any style depends on what our clients love and dream of.

When we create something, it means that a customer's dream is becoming our dream.

And  that makes our job great.

Come and visit our workshop in London, so you can insight of our everyday life!


Our workshop is located in London. As a supportive production base, a part of our team is leading a manufactory in Budapest, Hungary.

Both of our team believes in quality and professionalism. We have modern industrial machinery, which is ready to produce for residential or large scale of orders. We are constantly developing our knowledge in order to know the upcoming trends, techniques and materials.

We are all together a team called Tomwood for homes.

Our production prefers natural elements and environmentally friendly ingredients, such as natural oils and water - based paints.

Carpenter at Work
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 14.04.40
Carpenter Measuring Wood
Carpenter Sawing
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 13.49.24


Get inspired from these pictures and don't hesitate to ask for your own design!





Creative production



You can call us anytime at

Christina Csokas/ Sales Manager                          +44 7401044100

Thomas Kliber / Director                                       +44 7472955124


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