We have something very special in our pocket:

These wall panels are unique on many ways: 

 We made our research and no one else is able to produce panels with such a big difference of depth in shapes and forms.

We are creating designs, where the patterns and forms can be repeated infinite times, so no matter how big space it is, we can fill it up.

Also, we decided to make a program, where everyone can design their own unique style and no one else will have it, since we annihilate all the patterns we worked with if you please.

Some things about our wall panels you might want to know

Our innovation is making us able to create 3D bended wood, concrete and antiqued iron surfaces.

The size of our panels are the followings: 275 x 130 cm or smaller 15 cm thick, wave depth 3 – 12 cm. Weight ~25 kg.

You can always make your custom order in case you would like your panel bigger or with special elements 

You can order it as a functional acoustic wall, since the  irregular, wavy surface is decreasing the echo of the sound

You can also order your panel with your brand elements, logos or your favorite motives which can be delivered by led lightning attached to the panel